Digital creation

The digital expression becomes known in art and even in its most rudimentary forms and thus gradually finds its audience. Digital creation can give birth to exceptional and highly innovative artistic works as it can act as an irreproachable tool in the professional environment.

Digital Design: Skills

Typically, digital designers work on multimedia and graphic projects, and must be able to create, execute, and modify concepts and layouts for these projects. Depending on his specific career, the digital designer can work on projects ranging from the development of leaflets and brochures for advertising campaigns to the creation of 2D or 3D animations for video productions. They can also develop websites for businesses or create video games …

Training in Digital Design

Digital designers can be skilled in a wide variety of computer applications, markup languages, and scripting languages, such as Flash, Autodesk, Adobe Illustrator, PHP (scripting language), and HTML (markup language). Some digital designers have attended the university benches and hold a degree in visual communication, digital design or graphic design, which focuses not only on the technical skills, but also the creative aspects of digital creation. Others may attend a technical school to benefit from training in a particular software program.

Digital Design: job opportunity

The digital transformation is disrupting, with incredible speed, the consumption patterns of travel, culture and leisure. In a world like ours where digital communication is constantly expanding, digital design is proving to be a field in daily development … The title of “digital designer” is broad and encompasses the fields of printing, video and multimedia, which can work in the creation of websites, animation, video game design, graphic design, special effects, advertising, video production etc.

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